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Public awareness and attitudes towards rewilding and wilderness in the UK

The Wilderness Foundation is working with Writtle Collge MSc student Tom Fanger to conduct a research project focused on public awareness of and attitudes towards rewilding and wilderness in the UK.

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Help Protect Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises in Europe

In one simple click you can help make sure that protection for whales, dolphins and porpoises in Europe remains in place! The EU Birds and Habitats Directives exist to protect wildlife species and habitats in the UK and Europe. However, these laws are under review by the European Commission and are at serious risk of [...]

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Medivet Launch Rhino Protection Campaign

We are delighted that Medivet are working with the Wilderness Foundation and Dr. Will Fowlds to help protect the rhino. Medivet commented: "The future of one of the planet's most noble creatures is under threat. In 2014, over 1,215 rhinos were brutally slaughtered for their horns in South Africa, making it the worst poaching year on [...]

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A vision for a Wilder Europe

In the 15 months since WILD10 (10th World Wilderness Congress) convened in Salamanca, Spain, the re-emergence of wild nature across Europe’s lands and seas has continued and accelerated. Wolves and some other predators roam further and increase their numbers. Human-assisted re-wilding has increased dramatically, with the European Bison reintroductions occurring in many places, wild horses [...]

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Save the iMfolozi and save Rhinos

Everybody knows that rhinos are being slaughtered by poachers. Now rhinos face a new enemy: coal mine companies. Right now, right at the border of the beautiful iMfolozi Wilderness Area a new open-cast coal mine is planned. Open-cast coal mining requires a substantial amount of water, and inevitably will cause widespread air, noise and water [...]

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Call for Action – Save the Rhino and their land

Please sign our petition and say NO to the Fuleni Anthracite project. We need your help.  The Fuleni Anthracite Project is about to be given the green light  to proceed with the next phase of its plans to open a coal mine that would desecrate the iMfolozi Wilderness Area for future generations forever. Ibutho Coal [...]

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Okavango Delta 1000th World Heritage Site

The Wilderness Foundation is proud to announce the declaration of the Okavango Delta as a World Heritage Site. This listing, which was formalised on 22 June 2014, is the 1000th World Heritage Site listing in the world and we are delighted that this critical wilderness area finally has international conservation protection. The Okavango Delta northwest [...]

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DEFRA profiles the Mali Elephant Project

For the past two years the Wilderness Foundation UK in partnership with sister NGO The Wild Foundation have been delivering an on-the-ground project to protect the desert elephants of Mali. Mali is best known for its rich cultural diversity, and is also home to the northernmost herd of African elephants. The survival of these elephants is [...]

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Can you spare a minute for Rhino Protection?

The world's greatest (and oldest) rhino sanctuary is under threat. Plans are underway to build an open-cast coal mine just 40 metres (130 feet) from the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park. Rangers fear it will destroy the wilderness and clear the way for poachers, who have butchered nearly 400 rhinos in South Africa this year alone, but we [...]

Mali Elephants Under Siege

The single worst incident of elephant poaching in Mali - historically - just occurred "through the weak spot/through the back door," the far north east corner of the elephant range where we have not yet created community surveillance brigades. Initially thought to be five killed, further investigation puts the number at 7...including a mother delivering [...]

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Open Farm Sunday – 8th June

  Come and visit us at our Chatham Green Project and enjoy a day immersed in the beautiful Essex countryside. Open Farm Sunday on the 8th June is a fantastic project which has seen hundreds of farmers across the UK opening up their farm for one Sunday each year since 2006! This year we are [...]

Mali Elephant Project Update

Why do the local people protect the elephants? From Dr. Susan Canney - the project leader Sometimes in conservation we have been reticent to ask local people what they think and feel about wildlife in case they are less than enthusiastic! In reality what they usually don’t want is to have their livelihoods diminished and [...]

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Wilderness Action – 'Ask a Canadian to care'

Today the WWF need your help. In the coming weeks, big decisions will be made about Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline project proposed to run through the Great Bear region of Canada. Will you stand with WWF, Coastal First Nations, and the people of Canada and say “no” to this risky project? The proposal would [...]

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