The Chatham Green project is a dynamic, ever-evolving environmental education programme that engages children and teenagers in exciting ways that stay with them long after their visit.

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We strive to give them access to the environment and allow them to make their own connections with the natural world, whilst contributing to a sustainable planet. Our goal is to inspire the next generation to love and respect the environment and for this to be carried forward into adulthood. We offer an in-depth understanding of how the outdoors can benefit mental health and well being.

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Environmental Education and Team building workshops for Primary, Secondary and SEN schools.

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Forest & Bushcraft Skills, Den Building, Nature Detectives, Bridge Building, Woodland Crafts, Tree Swings, and Weather Permitting… Mud!

Down to Earth Allotments

Our Down Allotment programme is based in inner city Chelmsford where we run six plots, opening them up to a range of community groups and schools.

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