We offer leadership development programmes and school expeditions
throughout the United Kingdom, South Africa and Europe.

Our founder Doctor Ian Player DMS and his close friend and ranger Magqubu Ntombela developed leaders and individuals through the wilderness trails which took place originally in South Africa. The experience offered a deeper, spiritual connection to Nature and enabled participants to become passionate about protecting wilderness for future generations, expand their understanding of themselves and develop an environmental and social ethics. This vital work continues today.

TurnAround Essex

It is against this backdrop and history that we founded the Wilderness Leadership Academy. We provide services and programmes to develop Schools and Organisations to have the best leaders and highly motivated and engaged teams. We leverage the benefits of wild nature and the outdoors. Through our ‘School Expedition Programmes’ (Visit the what we do section) we grow our next generation of leaders.

Course Testimonials:

“I have been on plenty of management courses and listened to a number of life coaches, but the Academy represents a truly unique opportunity to put aside time to actually think about what it is that you can do to make small personal gains”.

“…… the Academy represents a great opportunity to connect with your cohort (whether colleagues, or strangers), free from the distractions of the office, your mobile, tablet and all other devices”.

“On entering ‘the woods’ I must admit I had a certain sense of trepidation (!) but Tim and Steve quickly put us all at ease though with their friendly and engaging styles”.

What we do:

The following core areas are offered as either separate activities or as part of a continuous development programme. Each area provides a range of learning activities delivered through group sessions or 1-2-1 coaching. Please explore each area and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Finding Purpose

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Building Resilience

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Natural Leadership

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Strengthening Teams

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Course dates for 2019:

Build your resilience

Tuesday 28th May 2019.
Location: Farmeco, Screveton, Nottinghamshire

Price: £150 per person

Booking Details:

The workshops run from 10:00 to 16:00. Includes light lunch & refreshments.
Contact us by phone on 0300 123 3073 or by email at info@wildernessfoundation.org.uk