Strengthening Teams

All too often teams are a dysfunctional collection of highly capable individuals. Developing truly cohesive, connected teams takes time and commitment. Our team programmes work on building trust, deep rooted understanding and a range of other key attributes to define what cohesive and high performing teams should look like in your organisation.

The power of nature and the outdoors, in particular our unique wilderness trails, provide the perfect natural tools & environment to facilitate the creation of high performing teams that will underpin the future success of your organisation.

As with most of our programmes they can either be standalone or as part of a continuous journey:

  • Building team cohesion
  • Understanding the cornerstones of high performing teams
  • Maintaining the momentum of high performance

Course Testimonials:

“During the normal working day, we tend to focus on a series of priorities, rather than having to think strategically about where we should be going as a business and our conversations with each other have reflected this. It was amazing finding common ground with a colleague with whom I’ve worked closely for over 4 years, but we’ve never discussed these issues before!”

“It was interesting to see during the discussions you facilitated how much in the way of common ideas, views, values and approaches there was between different members of the team. There are certainly challenges ahead over the next 12 months, but I was really impressed that you focussed your attention on getting us to come up with our ideas rather coming up with a prescription of what you would do in the circumstances.”

Robert - Team Member

“The away day was a positive team exercise set in tranquil settings which itself is a different approach than the usual corporate style away days and games.
I enjoyed the relaxing team exercises which gives you the personal space to think of oneself and the organisation. This exercise is key to understand the needs of everyone in the team and the organisation going forward. The whole programme was well structured and delivered, it gave me clarity and I would encourage organisations to try this novel away day format in the wild for better results“

New Team Member