1-2-1 or Small Group Outdoor Therapy

Our bespoke personal development programmes address the complex needs of young people and adults who have trouble engaging in school, relationships or life in general. As an alternative provider, we continue to offer one-to-one outdoor therapy, mentor support and therapy by telephone or as an online service.


Our one-to-one or small group bespoke programme is designed for people of all ages. Participants typically have complex issues that have resisted conventional interventions. Working outdoors with experienced, trained mentors and therapists, people of all ages find healing and peace. They gain skills that enable them to engage productively with others and find a path toward continued growth.


Programmes are personalised to meet the needs of each participant/group.

The majority of our one-to-one or small group bespoke session is carried out at our 2 woodland sites in Chelmsford, Essex, however our team of associate therapists/counsellors may be able to deliver sessions near where you are (check our List of Associate Therapists/Counsellors).

Participants and their therapist typically work together one to three days a week, several hours a day, for an agreed period of time. This begins by building a trust-based, non-judgmental relationship with the young person.

The programme design usually includes outdoor activities and can include fishing, nature photography, hiking, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, orienteering, gardening, and more.

Our participants typically get so absorbed in these activities that they do not notice their therapist gently guiding them toward greater self-esteem and self-control. Simply being in nature calms their stress and gives them space for reflection and growth.

Sample outcomes for a young person who is not engaging in school and who has other complex needs might include the following:

  • Increased self-confidence and awareness of success
  • Development of skills for independent learning
  • Ability to consider the needs of others and to maintain relationships with adults and peers
  • Ability to accept authority and understand that actions have consequences
  • Practice of skills for controlling emotions and avoiding potentially harmful situations
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Maintain or return to education/training

Please complete and return the referral form if you would like to refer someone, or self-referred to our one-to-one bespoke services.
A formal proposal will be sent to you after reviewing the referral form.

For more information, please call 0300 123 3073