Wilderness Foundation UK – Royal Wedding Charity

It was with immense pride and honour that Prince Harry and Ms. Markle personally chose The Wilderness Foundation UK as one of seven charities to receive donations in place of wedding gifts, in celebration of their wedding on 19th May 2018.

The couple wished for the generosity of spirit shown to them by the public since their engagement, to continue to benefit as many people as possible through their chosen charities, such as ourselves. Our focus on mental wellbeing and connecting people to wild nature resonated with the couple, reflecting issues which had been of particular interest over their lives.

Donations helped support the work of the charity in transforming the lives of vulnerable young people with personal and mental health issues, growing environmental awareness through education and leadership, and connecting people and communities to green space and the value of time spent outdoors.

“We are deeply touched and honoured that Prince Harry and Ms Markle have chosen to support The Wilderness Foundation and it’s beneficiaries. As the world’s population grows exponentially the planet’s remaining wild places and resources are coming under increasing threat.

It has never been more important for us as humans to protect the planet that gives us life. Whilst teaching conservation values, we in turn use the positive power of nature to support and recharge the lives of challenged and vulnerable young people and adults.”

Jo Roberts, CEO, Wilderness Foundation UK

Our Alternative Wedding List

£6 could pay for one child to attend one day of our Forest Kids programme
£35 could pay for a DBS safeguarding check per person
£40 is the cost of all meals per person for a 7 day wilderness programme
£55 would support an hour of outdoor therapy
£70 could pay for a new outdoor cooking stove or a backpack for a young person
£450 is how much three days of specialist mentor training costs
£500 could buy new bell tent for group work
£15,000 could pay for one year of rent for the Foundation

Transforming lives

Case Study:
The Story of Sam*

The following is an example of the incredible work our teams do to help those in need.

“Sam had suffered extreme domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse. He was living with his mother in a women’s refuge when he was referred to us by Essex youth services at 15. He was very angry and physically strong presenting a major risk to himself and others. His school attendance was around 26% due to social anxiety, and he had poor grades, although he obviously was extremely bright and capable.

He struggled initially on TurnAround due to his anger, anxiety, and depression from his past… but we all persevered. We used wilderness therapy, mentoring, social and behaviour change workshops, family support and drove him to school each morning. He gradually softened, shifted gears and completed his A levels with excellent results.

Sam is now studying law in a Russell group university, is articulate and ambitious, has solid family relationships, is doing work experience for a large commercial company, and helps the Foundation as an advocate. He is keen to help others who have experienced similar backgrounds to himself and is an inspiration.”

*not his real name

Prince Harry’s recent visit to Wilderness Foundation UK


Media coverage of Prince Harry’s visit to The Wilderness Foundation