Children’s Holiday Camps

What happens in our Ranger Camps?

Our Camps are run for children aged 5-10 years old, they take place across our whole 40 acre nature site at Chatham Green, including meadows, woodland and tree plantations, all surrounded by a 400 acre arable farm.

Activities are mostly child led and there is no set schedule, so every child is supported to engage in whatever activity they enjoy, from den building to bug hunting, imaginative play and building using natural materials; there is no limit to what they can come up with!

This active play supports them in developing skills and imaginative games over a longer term, and we find the repeat attendees see changes in the natural environment for themselves rather than being taught. We also make sure there is plenty of ‘relaxi-time’ so that children can simply enjoy being in the beautiful outdoors and have the time to talk and listen to each other.


Wilderness Holiday Camps 2021/2022

Message from Terri – Education Officer

Booking Dates for our Wilderness Holiday Camps in October Half Term have been released and can be made HERE. You may also be interested in joining our Facebook Group, for the latest updates and the possibility of joining our holiday camps in the future!

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Contact our Education Officers and Outdoor Instructors with any queries via email or call us on 0300 123 3073.

All bookings are subject to availability.
Full terms and conditions are detailed on our booking site, or supplied to you on request.

The Details

Places must be pre-booked, payments must be made via Eventbrite.

We look forward to welcoming you at Chatham Green!


Images from our Holiday Camps

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