Through the Wilderness Foundation education and therapy programmes we help young people reconnect to society and themselves through outdoor adventure and mentoring. Our programme facilitation highlights the positive impact of nature on personal and social wellbeing. Developing stewardship for nature and wild places is imbued through the teaching of Leave No Trace Ethics alongside volunteering opportunities.

Our mission is to preserve wild places and change lives through outreach programmes that educate, inspire and reconnect young people facing a number of challenges in their lives. The content of these programmes aims to equip and enable young people to acquire skills from within themselves to navigate their futures safely and successfully. We are working to keep people healthy and our planet wild!

Transforming Lives

Supporting vulnerable young people and adults in personal growth, improved mental wellbeing, resilience, and employability.

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Environmental Education

Building knowledge and inspiring young people, to become green influencers and make positive changes for the environment and nature.

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Wilderness Therapy

Working with nature as a therapeutic tool to gain perspective and understanding for personal development and growth.


Our Services

To find out more about our Wilderness Youth and Counselling Services please download our brochure here.

Our Pledge to Nature


We are continuing support with our schedule of programmes during lockdown where possible, whilst adhering to government safeguarding guidelines. TurnAround is still in progress, face to face therapy continues outdoors and we are looking forward to our children’s Brave Futures programme starting in February along with the start of our Out There 2021 programmes which still have places available. We also have WILDTIME our online guide to keeping your mind and body active during lockdown.

If you have any queries or would like more information on our services and programmes running throughout 2021 please contact us. If you need to make a referral please download our Referral Form from the main menu and email to us. We’re here to help!


Watch our touching and insightful film ‘Nature for the New Normal’ that we made in partnership with Dan Stockman, an independent filmmaker, earlier this year. It involves some of our TA alumni describing their experiences during the initial lockdown. Each young person gives a personal account of the lockdown and how it affected their mental health and how the positive effect of nature helped improve their wellbeing and outlook on the future.