Make a Connection to Nature

Our Impact – how you can make a difference

“I would like to thank the Wilderness Foundation for giving me the chance to do things that I otherwise would not have been able to do and for taking their time to help me get back on track.”
Toni, TurnAround participant

The Wilderness Foundation would like to thank you for giving us the chance to help young people like Toni who came to us as a troubled teen with a criminal history and a habit of abusing alcohol. TurnAround was, as she puts it, “a major turning point in my life” that “has helped me to take control of my demons.”

Participation in the year-long TurnAround project helped Toni boost her self-esteem, control her anger and aggressive tendencies, and learn the value of hard work and persistence.

Today, Toni is a ‘trusted member of society’ with a bright future—thanks to you.

Generous donations from people like you enable the Wilderness Foundation to make a difference in young people’s lives. Programmes like TurnAround, Treun, and Out There get vulnerable young people outdoors where they experience a whole new side of life. Through camping, cooking outdoors, and exploring wild spaces with the support of caring, highly trained facilitators, young people discover inner resources they didn’t know they had.

They literally turn their lives around—thanks to you.

They also learn to value the earth and its natural resources. As do the schoolchildren who engage with our Chatham Green Project and the adults and youth who trek our wilderness trails each year. Every Wilderness Foundation programme teaches participants to love our wild and wonderful planet.

We’re growing new generations of conservationists—thanks to you.

Every year, the Wilderness Foundation helps over 5,000 people find their connection to the natural world through trail experiences, one-on-one wilderness therapy, and other outdoor adventures.

If we had more money, we could double those numbers so join our Tribe! Together we can transform lives and save our wild spaces. Make your donation today —and thank you!