Wilderness Expeditions & Leadership Academy

School Expeditions and Leadership Development programmes helping to grow the next generation of leaders

How It Began

Our founder Doctor Ian Player DMS and his close friend and ranger Magqubu Ntombela developed leaders and individuals through wilderness trails which originally took place in South Africa. The experience offered a deeper, spiritual connection to nature and enabled participants to become passionate about protecting wilderness for future generations. It helped expand their understanding of themselves and develop environmental and social ethics and it is against this backdrop and history that we founded the Wilderness Leadership Academy.

We provide services and programmes to help schools and organisations develop the best leaders and highly motivated and engaged teams by sharing the benefits of wild nature and the outdoors.

Through our Wilderness Trails and Expedition Programmes we help grow the next generation of leaders. Our Leadership Academy and team building programmes aim to help improve communication skills and maintain a positive team environment along with future building leadership skills.

Wilderness Expeditions & Trails

Wilderness Expeditions and trails for young people and students to destinations covering the UK, Europe and South Africa.


Wilderness Leadership Academy

Wilderness Leadership workshops helping build leaders of the future through bespoke development programmes.


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