Wilderness Expeditions for schools

“There are many ways to describe freedom, and leaving the Wilderness this morning was not one of them. In the beautiful, untainted realms of the iMfolozi, I experienced something special: calmness, serenity, and an escape from urban trivialities as I wandered in the open”

For over 50 years, the Wilderness Foundation has arranged incredible Wilderness expeditions for schools and other groups. This section of our website will provide you with essential information on all aspects of our expeditions.

Destinations – we offer trails to a range of locations in Southern Africa, as well as Europe and the UK
Process – find out more about how expeditions are planned and delivered and what support we provide along the way
Safety – find full information on this important issue
Testimonials  – read feedback from our previous trailists
Expeditions FAQ – find answers to common questions about Wilderness expeditions

“Not only did this expedition give me a permanent appreciation for the Wilderness, such as through digging for water, leaving no trace or ensuring we are quiet when we needed to be, but also showed me that simply sitting and listening to the world around you, can make you so much more satisfied, appreciative of and perhaps even happier with it. Whilst absent from modern technologies, I learned of a new way to live not simply in nature but with it, which I feel is unbelievably special”.