Climate Action Programme

Climate change is happening. It is a crisis that we all know about, and we know more now than ever before. Young people today are inheriting a world that is going through extreme, irreversible changes because of climate change, and we believe educating young people about climate change is essential.

Never has it been more important to understand how the natural world works and how to help it.

– Sir David Attenborough


We want to engage with young people about climate change, encourage them to care for the environment and empower them to do their part to save our planet.

Climate change will not be solved by one person, we all need to act and work together to help curb the impacts of climate change. we want to ensure that young people feel they can make an impact and have the tools to be able to do this. There is no Planet B and we must support the next generation now in the largest threat there has ever been to humankind.





We have created a collection of interactive workshops that will inform young people about climate change. The series of workshops include; what is climate change, what are the impacts and what we can all do to make a difference. Our workshops will inform young people about climate change, as well as inspire and empower them to make active change themselves and in their community.

We can deliver our outreach programme in person, at school or via zoom as a webinar with supporting information for activities. Even if you are not in Essex we can reach you and your pupils. We also offer visits to our site at Chatham Green, where the programme and activities can be delivered.

The workshops are aimed at young people aged 7 – 16 years old.


We can deliver our complete series of workshops in succession so that young people can engage in all areas of climate change and sustainability. However, if your students already have a strong understanding of climate change and the associated impacts, we can come in to deliver our final topic in the series – What can we do to help our planet?

The aim of this topic is to give young people inspiration and practical ideas about how they can be more sustainable, and what difference they can make in their world.

Each topic will be tailored to the students ages and abilities.
Please contact us if you would like a tailored workshop that can be included as part of any current school projects.


We will help create a tribe of Wilderness Climate Ambassadors, which will be a student led initiative that focusses on helping students and their school to be more sustainable.

We want these ambassadors to champion sustainability around their school. Communicating with other students and staff, inspiring them to make the changes that they want to see in their schools, communities and at home.

Young people in the UK and around the world have been leading climate initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness and profile of the climate emergency. We want our Wilderness Climate Ambassadors to be able to make change in their local communities.





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