Transforming Lives through nature

Our Wilderness programmes help transform the lives of vulnerable children, young people and adults through nature immersion.

Out There Academy

A transformational six week programme, during term time, for young people struggling with school, behavioural issues and emotional resilience. As an alternative provider of ECC, we support them to get back on track and re-engaged with their education.

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Bespoke Therapy

Bespoke therapy and personal development programmes working with individuals and groups to address the complex needs of children and young people who have trouble engaging in relationships, issues with their mental health and well being.

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Agad Treun – Scotland

Imbewu Wilderness Project in Scotland

Focusing on mental health, employability, social skills and connecting young people in Scotland to nature. This week long programme inspires and heals, allowing each person to fulfil their potential through the natural world.

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Brave Futures

8-week nature based group therapy programme to support Adults, Adolescents and Children who have experienced grief, trauma, social isolation, anxiety and depression which has affected their mental health.

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TurnAround Project

Working with young people at risk through a 6 month programme including two wilderness trails, helping young people take control of their lives, through intensive, specialist mentoring and outdoor activities.

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Wilderness Therapy

Our Wilderness Therapy Camps & Day programmes take you deep into nature, away from the pressures of everyday life. Our associate therapy team are qualified and vetted wilderness counsellors and therapists.

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Before I started TurnAround I was like a deflated ball, I had lost my bounce. I was no longer useful and was left to survive on my own. Then an opportunity was given, and each time I attended was like pumping a little bit of air into me, gradually filling up.

Turnaround Participant

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