Building Resilience

Our personal resilience is at the very core of our being and when our resilience is low we are fragile and susceptible to all the stresses and strains that life can throws
at us. However when our resilience is high we have an inner strength and ability to bounce back that allows us to weather all of the storms that life can send our way.

At the Wilderness Foundation we harness the immense power of nature and the outdoors to give us that inner strength and ability to bounce back and cope in ways that we would have previously only dreamt of. Being in nature draws on our primal needs, helping to centre us and understand better our core values and purpose, as a foundation for clearer thinking and decision making.

Through a range of blended programmes, we use tried and tested principles of behavioural development with the natural resources of the outdoors to provide a truly enlightening and life changing experience.

The core resilience programmes cover both our personal and working lives and range from half day awareness workshops to full three day immersion programmes, taking full advantage of all that the outdoors can offer

  • Personal resilience for life
  • Personal resilience for work