Natural Leadership

Growing natural leaders’, is much more than a play on words that depicts our connection with nature and the outdoors. Developing the natural leader that is within us all is at the core of all we do. Whether to effectively lead just oneself or whether to be the next CEO of a multi-national organisation, creating genuine servant leaders is the driving force of the academy.

Our leadership programmes can either be standalone or as part of a continuous journey, first mastering self leadership, then team and ultimately organisational leadership

  • Self leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Organisational leadership

At the very centre of our leadership programmes, are a set of simple and highly effective principles. In order to achieve long-term sustainable success as leaders we need to enable others, to serve them and help them to realise their full potential.

Course Testimonials:

“Many thanks for the fantastic day provided to the Invest ESSEX team yesterday for what we all thought was an extremely valuable day throughout. Without exception the feedback I’ve received thus far is positive and I’m sure there will be more as I catch up with others next week”

“I will also put some thought to how we could utilise Spotlight which I personally think would be extremely valuable both to the business as well as to each individual.”

Director of Invest Essex

“Thank you for today it was invaluable to have spent time with the team in this capacity outside of the office.”

Tracey - Team Member

“… and thanks for an interesting/thought provoking day – better than any other big corporate “team building” day I’ve been on so hats off to you and Jo.”

Dave - Team Member