A wilderness expedition provides young people with an experience they will never forget. Our participants truly reap the benefits of a bespoke wilderness trail experience.

“Why wilderness?   Because it is the best classroom in the world.” –

Sir Laurens van der Post, CBE, Co-Founder of the Wilderness Foundation

In the wild:

In the wild, our participants:

  • Learn about ecology, biology, and preservation of the natural environment.
  • Gain a commitment to conservation that comes only of being immersed in the grandeur and beauty of wild spaces.
  • Learn teamwork, problem solving, and communications skills as they cooperate to meet the authentic challenges of journeying in the wild.
  • Test their physical limits while exploring their emotional and spiritual resources.
  • Discover how to live and thrive without electronic devices and the Internet!

In addition to the benefits of their expedition, our participants gain valuable skills during the preparation of their trip. Skills such as:

  • Fundraising teaches leadership, organization, accounting, and communications skills.
  • Preparing for the trip involves considerable planning and decision making, particularly for young people who have never had to travel alone. Participants will have to prepare to carry all of their belongings on their back.

We encourage our school, cadet troops and youth groups to combine their wilderness trail with a community volunteer experience in a local village. Living and working with people whose ways are entirely different from their own gives young people a unique cultural experience.
To learn more about how your school or youth group can gain leadership skills while learning about our natural environment, ask for our free wilderness trails brochure.
For more information or to book your unique wilderness expedition, call us on 0300 123 3073, or email the Wilderness Foundation.