Wild Coast National Park Wilderness Trails

About the Wild Coast National Park:

The Wild Coast is a section of the coast of the Eastern Cape, a province of South Africa. The region stretches from East London in the south to the border of KwaZulu-Natal in the north. It is the traditional home of the Xhosa people, and the birthplace of many prominent South Africans, including Nelson Mandela.
It is a special place of incredible natural beauty (think waterfalls dropping into the ocean, endless open beaches and warm friendly people) – it is also a biodiversity hotspot with incredibly high levels of endemism, plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. 50 000 hectares of indigenous forest still remains along this stretch of coast. What makes this wilderness trail special is the people of the Wild Coast, people who live in harmony with nature and welcome you as guests into their homes.

About the trail:

Trailists will explore the lush forested Pondoland hillsides and untouched sandy beaches, wading through beautiful estuaries and quiet lagoons. Signs of the original inhabitants of this coast line; the Khoisan people are still found in the form of Middens of sea shells where they feasted on the bounty of the ocean.
Trails are accompanied by the percussive music of the waves crashing on this distinctively wild section of coastline. Fish Eagles and Trumpeter Hornbills each add their own special melodies to this natural symphony.
Trails begin from the Wilderness Leadership School in Durban and after an interesting four hour drive through rural Pondoland, we embark on our journey of discovery along this pristine coast. All trails at the Wild Coast National Park are accompanied by experienced and trained local guides whose knowledge of the natural and historical importance of the park and the surrounding area is unparalleled.


How to book:

For more information on the Wild Coast National Park or to book your unique wilderness expedition, call us on 0300 123 3073, or email the Wilderness Foundation.