Here are just a few examples of feedback we have received.

“In an age where technology dominates everything, being at one with nature, and being able to resort to just being human again was a priceless experience” Haberdashers 2019 trailist

“I loved it all, particularly being enveloped in nature and such beautiful surroundings with just the clothes and food on my back. I enjoyed living simply and additionally being with friends and such great funny guides. I learnt a lot and would go back in a heartbeat! Of course, seeing all the animals was also so amazing, especially the giraffes and elephants!” St James’ Girls School 2018 trailist

“I’ve never been able to live in the moment, I’ve always lived in the past and future and to be able to do this on this trip feels unusual but also wonderful, just living for what you are doing now not what you will be doing or what you have done” Eton College 2019 trailist

“The wilderness is such a sacred place and being there taught me the importance of respect, for both the place itself and the animals, as it is their home and so we must do all we can to look after it, leaving it completely untouched by our presence” St James’ Girls School 2018 trailist

“Night watch is incredible. I’m sitting by a fire I really hope doesn’t go out and listening to the echoing of the frogs, the splashing of some unknown beast less than 30 metres away in the riverbed and the distant shrieks of an elephant coupled with the roars of lions. I begin to smile because put simply, this is awesome” Eton College 2019 trailist

“Our daughter displayed great initiative raising money for her trip through a variety of fund-raising activities such as baby sitting, film nights at school and bake sales. The trip itself clearly resonated with her as a life affirming experience of living in the present. How a simple life can be as, if not more, fulfilling for the community she stayed with. And the memories of seeing wildlife in their habitat will stay with her forever” Parent of 2018 trailist

“Being cut-off for 5 days from civilisation was liberating, rather than isolating and I could focus on my direct experience. I have realised the benefits that this has had on me, and in the future I will try and live less dependent on my phone, and spend more time focusing on the present” Haberdashers 2019 trailist

“The Wilderness Foundation UK and Wilderness Leadership School far exceeded our expectations in terms of support, professionalism, flexibility and innovation. The expedition itself was truly a unique experience. As an experienced organiser of nature and conservation-based expeditions, I can say that the Wilderness Leadership School’s wilderness trails offer completely genuine immersion into nature. Our trails were a combination of adrenaline fuelled excitement, wonder, awe, relaxation and challenge.” Kerri Hicks, Head of Environmental Education and Sustainability, Biology Department, Eton College, UK

School, Youth and Cadet Group Referrals

If your school, youth or cadet group would like to speak to one of our previous expedition parties, please call us on 0300 123 3073, or email the Wilderness Foundation, and we will endeavour to provide you with the necessary information.