Today we are thinking about our Founder, the late Dr. Ian Player, on the occasion of his birthday

“The gods were generous when they apportioned their gifts and attributes to Ian Player and his companion Magqubu – to Ian, romance, the capacity to dream when awake, an earthy practicality, an insight into the mind of animal and man, a tenacity of purpose which has never left him. To Magqubu was given an ability to understand and imitate the language of wild creatures; the stamina of one of Shaka’s foot soldiers;the capacity to interpret the signs, sounds and scents of wild animals to a degree hopelessly beyond the reach of any modern ethnologist;an acceptance of a subordinate status without any loss of pride or self esteem, typical of his warrior ancestors;a compendious tribal memory, itself the godchild of an oral culture, with his sister skill the ability to tell a tale and animate it with mime and dance” – John Aspinall