It was the dream of our late Founder Dr. Ian Player DMS to protect the beautiful white rhino from extinction.   We’re working with Medivet and Dr. William Fowlds to make that dream a reality

Tomorrow evening (Friday 10th March 2017) join us in celebrating the work of the rhino protection teams in South Africa funded through our partnership with Medivet Rhino Lifeline and spearheaded by our colleague Dr. William Fowlds.
Phillip Schofield has been taking a life-changing tour of South Africa and tomorrow he, and wife Stephanie, will be joining Will at one of the on-the-ground rhino protection initiatives to help with the work.   You can watch their progress on ITV’s “Schofield’s South African Adventure” at 8:00 p.m. on ITV1.
The rhino is an iconic species of the wilderness.    If we lose the rhino, we also lose another precious part of the wilderness.
The Wilderness Foundation UK uses the positive power of wilderness to change lives and the positive power of humanity to protect wilderness.   Join us in our mission.