The Wilderness Foundation UK ,a founding partner of the new Wilderness Foundation Global, is delighted to announce that the organisation was launched in Cape Town, South Africa on Friday 5th June.
Wilderness Foundation Global (WFG) is a not-for-profit, international conservation organisation with conservation experience and expertise that began in Africa over 60 years ago through the work of the late Dr Ian Player, world renowned conservationist. With practical and successful programs in many countries, WFG focuses on protecting wilderness and wildlife on land and sea while connecting the values and benefits of wild nature to human communities.
WFG Members have offices and daily operations in Africa, Europe and the Americas; extensive global networks and practical international conservation accomplishments through almost 40 years of its World Wilderness Congress; and emerging programmes in Asia and Austral-Pacific.
“Today is a proud day for our organization” says Andrew Muir, CEO of Wilderness Foundation Global and Wilderness Foundation Africa. “We are the only international conservation organization born in and operating out of Africa, with a focus on integrating the three key areas linked to our core business: Species, Spaces and People”.
WFG’s flagship global programme is the World Wilderness Congress, the world’s longest-running, public,  international conservation project, delivering practical and positive solutions for over 35 years. “Our projects utilize the best of science, culture, and policy, delivering positive solutions for the benefitof both nature and people,” says Vance Martin, President of The WILD Foundation based in the USA.
Other active WFG projects are comprehensive approaches to the anti-poaching crisis; protecting the desert elephants of Mali; Marine Wilderness; and numerous social intervention programs addressing vulnerable youth by applying nature-based solutions.
“A unique aspect of the Wilderness Foundation Global approach is demonstrating the social and individual benefits of wild nature and wilderness to improve physical and mental wellbeing for people.  Projects reach some of the most disadvantaged communities in Africa and Europe at present and address key issues of our time with room for expansion to other parts of the world” says Jo Roberts, CEO of Wilderness Foundation UK.
For further information please contact:
Wilderness Foundation UK, Trinity House, 2 Whitbreads Business Centre, Whitbreads Farm Lane, Chatham Green. Chelmsford CM3 3FE.  Telephone 0300 1233073.