We are delighted that the Wilderness Foundation UK have been engaged by Navrat RDZO to work with their team and other therapists to run a Wilderness Therapy trail in Slovakia  to explore working therapeutically in wild places.
Jo Roberts has been the CEO of the Foundation for the past 13 years and has founded a range of wilderness interventions for youth at risk, young women and leadership and is very experienced in leading Wilderness Therapy Training. Jo is travelling to Slovakia on the 27th June to spend 7 days leading  therapists from ‘WILDERNESS THERAPY IN V4 COUNTRIES’ (which is a joint project between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) on a wilderness journey so they can experience wilderness therapy first hand.
Jo is trained as a counsellor and is a Master Practitioner in NLP which she makes use of in her work around positive behaviour change, transition, and personal growth. Jo leads on a range of research and evaluation programmes on the social benefits of wilderness experience and the impact of wilderness journeys on psychological health and wellbeing.
Having spent a life time engaged with wild nature in Europe, Africa and the States, Jo is developing her teaching practice to share her knowledge and insights and to learn more from  wilderness itself  and  from other colleagues and friends engaged in the same field.
More details about the Wilderness Therapy in V4 Countries can be accessed here.