School children from across Essex are arriving at Writtle College’s Food and Farming Day!

For the third year running, the Wilderness Foundation is delighted to be participating in the popular Writtle College “Food and Farming Day” for Essex Schools.

Chatham Green Project Education Officer Amy Sutcliffe, together with WF Head of Operations Clive Emmett are manning our stand at the show, which has a projected footfall of over 3,000 primary children and 500 school teachers.
Amy says:

Food and Farming Day is a great way for us to share our message about balancing the needs of people with nature, through sustainable farming practice and land use.   These events are always great fun – the children love learning about where their food comes from and engaging in our practical activities, which showcase some of the wonderful thing they can enjoy on a farm visit to Chatham Green

The Chatham Green Project is a conservation and education initiative on 400 acres of farmland in the heart of Essex. Focused on sustainable land use, the project investigates how we can utilise the land more effectively to better balance the 21st century needs of farming, nature and communities. Through this initiative, we aim to educate over 3,000 school aged pupils each year. In addition to this we operate an environmental monitoring programme to record the changes in the land over time.
The objective of this programme is to educate learners about these issues and allow them to explore difficult questions such as:

  • How can we produce enough food in a sustainable way to feed an ever growing population?
  • What are the impacts on nature from farming and can there be a balance?
  • How important is nature in our lives?

The Chatham Green Project is an outdoor living classroom split into several learning zones with a purpose built activity area. Delivered both indoors and outdoors, the curriculum is relevant to a range of subjects including:

  • Sciences
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • PSHE
  • Citizenship
  • Art

Sustainability is at the heart of our programme with a number of key themes:

  • Food & Farming
  • Biodiversity
  • Habitats & Carbon
  • Population & Land
  • Energy & Waste
  • Water

Through enjoyable experiential learning activities, visiting groups spend valuable time outdoors connecting to nature and building a greater understanding of these key concepts.
Our purpose built education centre provides a base for your visit and includes bathroom facilities, space to store lunches, a kitchenette and first aid area and of course an inspiring classroom looking out over our beautiful site.
Features of our ‘Living Classroom’ site include:

  • Solar Panel Tracker Array
  • Diamond Jubilee Wood Plantation
  • Mature Woodland
  • Productive Arable Fields
  • Outdoor Activity/Bushcraft Area
  • Wildlife Pond

For further information on how your children can benefit from a day at the Chatham Green Project, please contact us.