As part of a summer of outdoor activities for the TurnAround group, we joined up with the staff at Lee Valley Park to try out the new Olympic white water rafting course.    One of this year’s participants, Rianna, had this to say about the experience:
“White water rafting is one of the best things I’ve done on TurnAround.  When we arrived at Lee Valley Park I was nervous about falling in the water.  We were all given our kits, which weren’t very comfortable [but very necessary] and then shown to our instructors who showed us the basics.
Riding the rapids was so exciting and thrilling – paddling as fast as we could.  The boat rocked side-to-side and were were told to get down as water gushed in from all directions.
The more we went round the courses, the more fearless I got.  We all took turn of going in front of the boat and then surfed down the rapids very fast.  Someone fell in and we all got very wet, but overall the day was an amazing experience which has shown me I need to be more confident about doing new things.”
our vessel for the water based adventure
TurnAround was launched by the Wilderness Foundation UK in October 2007. It is a multi-faceted, nature based programme enabling vulnerable young people to make positive changes to their lives. This is achieved by linking community mentors, wilderness therapy, skills workshops and support for employment and further education over a twelve month period.
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Thanks to Lee Valley White Water Canoe Centre for making it such a splendid day.