Over the last couple of weeks we have slowly built our traditional Mongolian Yurt.
We secured planning permission for the structure several weeks back but had to wait until the weather was in our favour and plenty of helping hands were available. Nature doesn’t listen to human plans so we ended up completing the yurt in the rain, howling winds and the dark!
The yurt will be used as a classroom for several of our projects including: The Chatham Green Project, Out There and TurnAround.
Thank you to everyone who helped put the yurt up – we couldn’t have done it without you!
Below are a set of photos showing the process:

Roof poles all lined up outside the office.

These are the wall sections.

The start of the base.

More base pieces.

The base completed.

The wall going up. Each section was bound together.

Helen fixing the door in place.

The roof crown ready to be stood up.

Roof crown up and roof poles in place – lots of bruised heads!

Cotton inner sheet in place.

Wooly (and smelly!) insulation material ready to go on the roof.

Harder than it looked!

Roof insulation now in place.

Getting dark, raining but the wall insulation is up!

Canvas sheets going on and a brave volunteer standing on top!

Blue supporting strap holding it all together.

View from inside.

Hand painted woodwork.

Stove in place.

The finished yurt!

View from the meadows.