Out There Academy

We are now taking referrals for a 6 week outdoor and personal development programme for young people aged 13+ in the Chelmsford and Braintree area who are:

  • struggling to engage and stay in school
  • at risk of suspension leading to exclusion
  • finding that behavioural and emotional wellbeing are big issues in their lives.
  • struggling with family and relationship issues
  • finding boundaries to be a challenge
  • experiencing low-level mental health issues, (e.g. depression or anxiety)
  • engaging in risky behaviours
  • getting involved with anti social behaviours combined with low self worth or aspirations.

Post programme the participants will be offered 6 – 8 weeks of mentoring on a weekly basis
The project is significantly different from other projects offered, it uses the power of nature to motivate positive change in young people, alongside a clear curriculum around personal responsibility and positive choices. If you feel that you may know a young person that will benefit from this programme and would like more information and/or a referral form please contact
info@wildernessfoundation.org.uk or call 0300 1233 073 
This programme is fully funded and commissioned by ECC through the Youth Strategy Groups in Chelmsford and Braintree and is being delivered by Wilderness Foundation UK at their 400 acre site in Chatham Green, Essex.
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