Hopefully you remember Tom and Andy  the intrepid explorers from Ride Earth who are exploring the globe by mountain bike.  They left the UK back in June 2007 and have many stories to tell about sustainable travel, the culture and societies they have been welcomed into.
In May 2010 Tom and Andy will be starting the next leg of their journey – mountain biking across the breadth of Outer Mongolia, spending at least two months in the wilderness without any roads or facilities and carrying all their supplies in the best traditions and observing the ethics of our wilderness trails programmes.
Tom and Andy hope to raise at least £1,000 in support of the work of the Wilderness Foundation UK on their journey, which they aim to complete in August.
If you would like to sponsor Tom and Andy and in turn support the work of the Wilderness Foundation UK, please visit:
We wish Tom and Andy health and happiness on their journey and look forward to reading their journal entries.
For all the latest Ride Earth news and updates visit their website: http://www.ride-earth.org.uk