The Wilderness Foundation is pleased to announce we have recently appointed Lord Petre as a Patron for the organisation.  Lord Petre, who is Lord Lieutenant of Essex, joins other high profile Patrons of the Foundation which include The Duke of Wellington, who is the Patron-in-Chief, and Sir Humphrey Wakefield Bt.
The Wilderness Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals to experience the beneficial qualities of  wilderness – both as a positive force for social and environmental sustainability and as a tool for personal growth.  Creating connections to nature for young people who live in urban environments is one of our key aims.  The Foundation runs 3 youth-at-risk initiatives working with Essex young people to build resilience and wellbeing. We have also carried out pioneering work with the University of Essex to explore how nature affects self esteem, mood and a sense of hope in young people.
Other programmes include The Chatham Green Project, which is a conservation project set on 400 acres of farmland focusing on sustainable land use and the way in which the land can be utilised effectively to balance the needs of farming, nature and communities in the twenty-first century.
Lord Petre commented: “I am delighted to be asked to be a Patron of the Wilderness Foundation. There are, of course, any number of organisations devoted to different aspects of conservation but the Foundation stands out in not only seeking to ensure that our wild places survive but also in providing means for people to enjoy and obtain benefit from them. It is particularly pleasing that the Foundation should have chosen to establish its headquarters here in Essex. The Foundation’s activities, of course, extend far beyond the county’s boundaries, to Scotland and South Africa in particular, those of us who know Essex well will recognise that, with its woodlands and coastal marshes, it is wholly appropriate as a base for the Foundation’s work. ”
Jo Roberts, CEO of The Wilderness Foundation commented: “We are honoured that Lord Petre has become one of our Patrons, joining a list of other distinguished individuals.  Our Patrons are a great support to the Foundation and the important work that we carry out. Lord Petre’s connection to Essex is a great link to our Diamond Jubilee Wood in Chatham Green and our youth-at-risk work, and we expect that his patronage will raise awareness of the Foundation further.”