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Chelmsford Grand Awards is a new awards scheme for local voluntary and community groups active in the borough of Chelmsford.  It was created to recognise and support the many small groups doing big things in the community.

£1000 will be awarded each month to the group which receives the highest number of votes.

This month the Wilderness Foundation UK’s community food programme “Down to Earth” has been short listed to win the £1,000 on offer.  It’s quick, easy and FREE to vote – just visit the following website:


What would we use the award for?

‘Down to Earth’ is a community orientated project designed to encourage strong community relationships while spreading awareness of sustainability, environmental issues, organic principles and local food issues. The project operates for the benefit of the people of Melbourne Park Estate in Chelmsford, growing organic fruit and vegetables.
The project runs 12 months a year at the allotments off Hobart Rd.  Volunteers are welcome to use the community allotment project and facilities on days and times to suit them.  An instructor is on site one day a week.
The award would be used to pay for new tools and equipment and to contribute to the cost of the sessional instructor.

Who will benefit from the project?

The project encourages participation by all areas of society; the elderly, young families, community groups, people with mental health issues and those with a physical disability.
Volunteers from the local community learn horticultural skills and are actively encouraged to direct the planning and project development.  The resulting fruit and vegetables are donated to the community.
Thank you for your support.