Dear Friends, Funders and Supporters,

Thank you for taking the time to read this first blog post, which is all very exciting. I have some fantastic news to share with you all. We have recently received funding from the Ernest Cook Trust to fund the position of a ‘Green Mentor’ (that’s me). The role of the Green Mentor will be to help young people from across Essex to engage in environmental projects in their communities. This is part of the Green Influencers scheme which is being rolled out across England. We are thrilled to be a host organisation for the Green Influencers Scheme as it will allow young people to follow in Greta Thunberg’s footsteps. Young environmental activists will be at the forefront of youth social action projects.

Personally, what I think is really special about this scheme it that young people are going to be given a chance to lead the way, learn and build skills. They will be able to create real positive impacts on their communities. Inspired and enthusiastic young minds will be given an opportunity to voice their opinion and make practical change for the environment. It is tremendously exciting as we get to find out where they want to make change and guide our green influencers to creating the differences that they want to make.

Watch this space for updates and news – is all I can say!

Do you know young people age 10-14 that want to actively create positive change for the environment and the community? If so, then please get in touch with us and become a Green Influencer. Its free and will help you connect with your community and help your local area in making a difference and saving the planet.

The Green Influencers Scheme is match-funded through the #iwill Fund which is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and Department of Culture, Media & Sport which are each investing £25million seed funding to support young people to access high-quality social action opportunities.

Read more about The Green Influencers Scheme Here