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CEO’s Blog – Dec 2021

Dear Friends, It has definitely been quite a year of change and adaptation.  We have all experienced the same trends on a local and national scale that are out there internationally – including covid, climate change, equality and diversity awareness, political ups and downs, impacts of population, conflict, migrants, and increased urban and industrial [...]

CEO’s Blog – July 2021

Dear Friends, We have the smell of freedom in our nostrils at the moment as the 19th of July looms as a date for lifting our Covid restrictions. I wonder what this will mean for us all - but sense we will all adapt in different ways -some of us revelling and partying, others [...]

CEO’s Blog – Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day to our Friends, Funders and Supporters, The guillemots fly over my head in two directions, reminiscent of a busy avian airport. Some fly so low over my head, as they come across the waves, that their wing-beats drum in my ears and I imagine the wind from their wings tickling my [...]

CEO’s Blog – March 2021

Dear Friends, Funders and Supporters, As I write, the office is alive with staff and outdoor therapists all streaming back in from their various programmes in the woods and fields surrounding our office.  Those stuck indoors welcome the smell of woodsmoke that follows them around, as if hinting of the outdoors and the experiences [...]

Greater Access to Nature

We have signed @ukyouth4nature letter along with 50+other organisations, calling for investment for greater access to nature for everyone. Our CEO, Jo Roberts, explains why: “Understanding the devastation of green and natural space on biodiversity is hard enough, but its loss  will impact the wellbeing of our youth and communities as well. We call on [...]

Why 1-1 Wilderness Therapy is Important

At the Wilderness Foundation UK, our therapy programmes encourage clients to explore issues around the challenges they face with their mental health while actively participating in a natural setting. For example, the associate wilderness therapist will sit with a client around a fire and enquire about the client's experiences, whether it involves issues with [...]

Manifesto for the Green Mind

Jules Pretty and colleagues call for a revolution to bring Nature into our lives At the University of Essex, we have worked for 15 years on how Nature produces mental and physical health benefits. We call this ‘green exercise’. It works for all people, young and old, rich and poor, all cultural groups, in all [...]

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A new survey has revealed what Brits love about the countryside

What’s driving Brits to the countryside?   New survey reveals Brits are most in favour of the peace and quiet rural living offers 45% of respondents head to the country in search of unrivalled views A third of participants say a love of wildlife attracts them to the countryside   A new survey has revealed [...]

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