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CEO’s Blog – Dec 2021

Dear Friends, It has definitely been quite a year of change and adaptation.  We have all experienced the same trends on a local and national scale that are out there internationally – including covid, climate change, equality and diversity awareness, political ups and downs, impacts of population, conflict, migrants, and increased urban and industrial [...]

CEO’s Blog – July 2021

Dear Friends, We have the smell of freedom in our nostrils at the moment as the 19th of July looms as a date for lifting our Covid restrictions. I wonder what this will mean for us all - but sense we will all adapt in different ways -some of us revelling and partying, others [...]

CEO’s Blog – Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day to our Friends, Funders and Supporters, The guillemots fly over my head in two directions, reminiscent of a busy avian airport. Some fly so low over my head, as they come across the waves, that their wing-beats drum in my ears and I imagine the wind from their wings tickling my [...]

CEO’s Blog – March 2021

Dear Friends, Funders and Supporters, As I write, the office is alive with staff and outdoor therapists all streaming back in from their various programmes in the woods and fields surrounding our office.  Those stuck indoors welcome the smell of woodsmoke that follows them around, as if hinting of the outdoors and the experiences [...]

Volunteer Youth Mentors

We are now recruiting for our next mentor training programme. Our dedicated team of volunteer youth mentors play a key role within our social programmes. Our work with young people is motivated by a passionate belief in the benefits of the outdoors and nature for young people, coupled with our delivery of excellent youth working [...]

Sustainable Tourism and Plant Conservation

Join the Wilderness Foundation UK for an afternoon illustrated talk at Chelsea Physic Garden on Wednesday 8th June 2011 The tension between the impact of travel and tourism along with the need to conserve and care for the planet carries responsibilities.   This discussion and illustrated talk takes a closer look at our carbon [...]

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How you can help us to protect wilderness…

If you value wild places and want to see them preserved for future generations to enjoy, you might want to consider leaving a legacy to the Wilderness Foundation UK. There are several ways in which you can make a lasting difference through remembering us in your Will and some of the options are outlined below. [...]

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