Wilderness Therapy trails take you deep into the wild, away in space and time from the pressures and immediate issues that you are struggling with on a day to day basis.

Ages: 21 +

Average fitness required

£625 per person  (participants must make their own travel arrangements to the location – not included in price)

Location : TBC but either South Lanarkshire, Scotland or Lake District

By making the choice to step out, our therapy trails will provide you with an opportunity to gain perspective and understanding of what is not (and what is) working for you. It will help you to re-programme yourself so that you feel more able to cope with emotions, relationships and life. Our evidence also shows that it will have a significant impact on your awareness of yourself, your self-esteem, your relationships with other people, and your relationship with the world.
The programme is led by experienced wilderness guides and therapists used to working with clients from a range of backgrounds. We believe that nature is a joint facilitator, offering both beauty and challenges, and we work through whatever the weather offers us, the terrain, our relationship to the places that we work in, and the people we share the experience with.
Days will be made up with a mix of staying at base, and then walking and exploring including wild camping. We suggest that clients have average fitness. We will adjust our programme to meet the needs of individuals and the group as much as possible.
Each day we hold a group process at the beginning and end of the day. There is time for solitude and reflection, journaling and time for one-to-one support. The beauty of working in nature and the outdoors is that we have the luxury of time to work through the issues that come up for you in the moment, and our agenda is defined by the group, the weather, and the needs of the individual members.
We believe in holding a safe physical and mental space. Our aim is to enable each member of the group to return home with the understanding of how they can navigate their lives using core values as a compass for the future, and have tools and increased self-awareness to manage themselves, and life, in a more harmonious way.