Join us and get wild!

We have put together some activities to keep you focused, fit and entertained to help look after the mental and physical wellbeing of you and your family.

For adults and children of all ages, no matter where you are  – have a look through our mindfulness zone to calm body and mind, our activity zone to fill time purposefully, and our reflection zone for gratitude and ideas to help keep everyone functioning at their best.

From yoga with kids to gardening tips, we are sure that you can find something wonderful to do or practice through these ideas and links, during this uncertain period of self-isolation and social distancing during lockdown.

We know the coming weeks and months are going to be difficult for all of us due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 so join us in sharing activities and experiences to help improve your mental and physical wellbeing. We’re here to help!

While we normally love the great outdoors, and with care still can, we’ve also pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas (even if we do say so ourselves!) to help you engage with nature in the best way you can, through videos, photos and fun for all the family.

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Keeping yourself and kids learning new skills and having fun can all be discovered in our three Wilderness Zones below:

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Mindfulness Zone

Activity Zone

Reflection Zone

‘Connecting in a healthy way with Nature can help us get through this crisis – it is proven to help our mental health, is something to be mindful about, engage with physically, and without us even knowing it…the chemicals emitted from trees, and the shapes of leaves and their branches of trees can help our brains calm. Not everyone can get outside and so we hope that finding other exercises and listening to the sounds of nature will offer some solace as well.’

Jo Roberts, CEO, Wilderness Foundation UK

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