Commission the Wilderness Foundation UK

We are an award winning charity, creating bespoke interventions and programmes for vulnerable people most at need. We empower them to take control of their life.

Why commission us? 

We support children, young people and adults to:

  • Develop transferable skills
  • Develop decision making skills
  • Build resilience
  • Pathways to employment

We work with young people under 25 in primary and secondary schools, colleges, pupil referral units (and other alternative provisions), universities and informal youth settings. We’re also developing pre-primary programmes.

We work with adults who might be facing a variety of barriers, who might find it difficult to access support or who are having trouble navigating everyday life due to poverty, addiction, disability or mental health concerns.

Our intensive, service led programmes use the beauty and power of nature to help rebuild and transform lives.

Example of a programme model (TurnAround)

The TurnAround Circle of Courage

The TurnAround project is based upon the philosophy of ‘The Circle of Courage’. Our philosophy is embedded into each part of the programme so young people and reflects four key values of equal dignity, authenticity, integrity and personal responsibility.


New skills like communication, resilience building and activities


Building relationships with family, peers and the environment


What our young people do when they leave our project


How young people support each other and act for others


Jo Roberts, Chief Executive

E: | T: 0300 123 3073

For any opportunities or to talk about designing a bespoke programme of work, please contact Jo directly to talk through your local needs and your beneficiaries.


Bespoke wilderness projects

Wilderness TurnAround Project