Four day Eco-therapy Trail for Outdoor Practitioners
Wales, October 8-12th, 2012

The Wilderness Foundation UK is delighted to announce details of our ecotherapy trail running in October 2012, led by Hayley Marshall and Rob Collister.

We will live and work as a group journeying through the landscape, where participants can discover what emerges for them on a personal level through the trail process. At the same time we will co-reflect from a professional meta-perspective, discussing how this learning may then be incorporated within each practitioners own unique practice.
The trail will be suitable for practitioners working in a variety of settings (both indoors and outside) including therapists, psychologists, coaches, group facilitators, and mental health workers.
This learning trail offers an opportunity to assimilate therapeutic skills through embodied experience of live process work.
Hayley Marshall PTSTA, Msc. UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist
I bring my 16 years experience as a psychotherapist & supervisor combined with a passion for the natural world to my work with individuals and groups in various outdoor settings. I have co-facilitated group therapy weekend experiences in wild settings such as the Peak district and the Rhinog Mountains in Wales.  In May 2009, I was part of the psychotherapy team working out on the TurnAround Wilderness Trail for the Wilderness Foundation UK.  My area of speciality is in holding a dynamic body/mind/nature process, and through this to facilitate a deepening of an embodied personal journey.  I work at the transformational edge of both connection and disconnection from self, other and environment.
Rob Collister:  Wilderness Guide
I qualified as a British Mountain Guide in 1976 and have been working as a freelance Guide since 1987.  I was resident of the British Mountain Guides 1990-1993. I started climbing and skiing in my teens, and since then mountaineering has taken me all over the world . I like to boast that I have made a first ascent on every continent, but both as a mountaineer and as a Mountain Guide, difficulty and achievement have always been less important to me than simply being in wild places.  I have worked as a freelance trainer for corporate clients and have a long history of working with The Wilderness Foundation.
I have had many articles published for outdoor magazines and contributed to many anthologies and collections of essays.  In 1989 I published a book on Lightweight Expeditions, ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ 1995. with Crowood press.
I frequently called give public lectures on different aspects of my work.
Price, Booking Details and Further Information
The price for this four day course is £395 per person (excluding travel to Wales).
Programme delivery is subject to a minimum number of participants booking.
To request an information pack please call the Wilderness Foundation on (01245) 443073 or email