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The Wilderness Foundation are delighted that World Wide Experiences  ‘Voices of Conservation‘ team have decided  to support our Forever Wild Initiative by launching the ‘Wax Nominate’ fundraising campaign
Inspired by the incredible success of the Ice Bucket Challenge they wanted to start a similar initiative to raise awareness for an environmental problem; rhino poaching and rhino conservation, especially in the lead up to World Rhino Day on the 22nd September.
In recent years rhino numbers have dropped dramatically due to poaching for their horn, habitat loss and political conflict. They have chosen the rhino not only because it is an iconic species which is being destroyed in the most inhumane way, but by conserving their habitat you also conserve all the species that live in it and continue the ecosystem services that biome provides.
The Wilderness Foundation launched the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative as part of the Forever Wild Conservation Programme in May, 2011. The initiative aims to gather support from the public and various stakeholders to help fight against rhino poaching in South Africa and save the rhino from extinction in the wild.
The Wilderness Foundation believes that without the intervention of government and the public, the rhino may be extinct within the next ten years.
The Foundation is involved in supporting conservation agencies and organized private game reserves in their efforts to protect their rhino populations through on-the-ground anti-poaching activities and investigations. It is also active in lobbying local and international governments for support in anti-poaching campaigns.

‘Wax Nominate’: The Challenge


  • Challenge someone via Facebook or Twitter to wax a part of their body in exchange for a donation to Wilderness Foundation.

  • Film the procedure and post it on social media to pass the challenge on, tagging the friends you have nominated.

What you need:

  • Suitable wax strips (for example Veet Ready to use wax strips). Ensure the wax strips you use are appropriate for the part of the body you plan to wax.

  • A smart phone / video recorder and internet access.

  • Optional black make-up pen to write your message into the hair free area!

Don’t forget to include the “nominate” and the “donation” phrase:
“I nominate X, Y, Z. You have 48 hours – To donate Text WFUK11 £3 to 70070 or on-line
Suggested donations: Lower leg £3; Upper thigh £5; Chest £10; Armpits (!!) £20
Simply Text  WFUK11 plus the amount  (e.g. WFUK11 £3) to  70070
Safety consideration: As with all challenges, there can be risks so it’s important you look after yourself and make sure you don’t put yourself in any danger by undertaking this challenge. If you are concerned about possible allergic reaction to the wax strips, test the area before taking part.