JoRobertsCEO2012Changing The Lives Of Young Adults With The Help Of Nature

Recently Jo Roberts, our CEO was interviewed by and her podcast on ‘Changing The Lives of Young Adults with the Help of Nature’ can be accessed here:
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Todays guest was born in South Africa and spent her childhood enjoying the amazing wildlife of Africa.
So its a not a surprise really that her life has stayed close to nature, and since 2004 she has held the position of Director of the Wilderness Foundation, developing ways that we can link wilderness trails to peace and reconciliation.
But her connection with the foundation goes back a lot further to 1998.
She believes that the effects of protecting the wilderness is a great way of developing sound youth leadership built on environmental awareness and ethics, especially the youths that might be considered as at risk.
Take kids who might have lost their morals, focus or perhaps a belief that the world is a wonderful place, and get them to challenge their attention into protecting and establishing the world.
It seems to me a fantastic way to bring the lost souls back to us in a hugely positive way and is something we need more and more off across the globe.
But lets find out where she channels her efforts on a daily basis.
And whether this lady who is spending her time providing such value to the world, is content with her efforts, or like so many wonderfully caring people does she beat herself up that she isn’t doing as much as she would want for the world?
And lastly I suppose could she imagine any other life, or was it destined from her very first days on the earth?
Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Jo Roberts.
Show Highlights
During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:
How as a child she was inspired by her father who taught her to love and appreciate the natural world, politics and to savour the differences that we all have in the human race!
How she lives her life by the mantra of “What is success for one person is not necessarily success for someone else”!
Why she feels that the world lacks tenacity and we all believe that we have a right to a short cut to success and greatness…guess what we don’t!!
How we should teach our kids to accept failures as part of growing up, and the struggles will just make them tougher!
How she never wants to be a FOMO….yep you will have to listen to find out what that is!
And lastly……
How a simple hand on her knee seven years ago, has left a huge impression on what she needs to achieve in her life!