Transplant Sport UK
We were fortunate to have Justine Laymond join us for the very first Wild Swans Seminar last weekend. Justine is a very special, inspiring young woman.
Justines Story….
I am very lucky to be alive after a double-lung transplant in July 2006. I suffered the rarest lung disease called, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (Lam). I kept fighting for my life and trying to breathe each time my lung collapsed (15 times). I used to be on 24 hour oxygen to help me breathe and also wheelchair bound. At one stage I ended up in a coma (3weeks) and remained on life support for almost 2 months. I had to learn how to walk again with a zimaframe, and start to re-build my life/confidence/strength up. I want to enjoy my life with the extension this transplant has given me. My journey post transplant has been challenging with health issues, but, I try to remain as positive as possible. I am very lucky to be alive after a double-lung transplant in July 2006.
Justine is currently raising money for The Transplant Sport UK charity, funds raised  will be used towards her flight, accommodation, food, Team GB kit/clothing, cost of training/membership, travel to Team Meetings and any surplus will go to TSUK medical/physio costs. This will also keep up with my campaigning to spread awareness of Organ Donation on a global scale. If you would like to donate to Justine please follow the link:
You can follow Justine progress/learn more about her via Justines blog