Scottish Land & Estates Land BusinessLandBusiness  is the quarterly magazine produced by Scottish Land & Estates.  In issue no. 51  – Summer 2014.  David Eckersley, our Imbewu Scotland Project Leader contributed an article
The outcomes from the pilot Imbewu Scotland trails in 2013 have been very positive. Feedback from schools, parents and our estate partners has demonstrated that the participants are benefiting from the experience.
The monitoring and evaluation carried out by the University of Essex shows marked improvement in self esteem, mood and hopefulness. They also found reductions in tension depression and anger. Their research found increased interested in nature, the ability to recognise and protect wildlife and interested in employment opportunities in the rural sector.
Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is Imbewu Scotlands’s core funding and set agreed targets for the pil9ot project which are :

  • To present to 300 children and 30 members of staff. The project has presented to more that 1110 children and 80 members of staff.
  • To train 8 estate staff who will be involved in delivery. The project has trained 16 estate staff in communication skills and child protection.
  • To take 96 young people on trail in 2013/2014. The project took 16 in 2015 and have 74 already confirmed for 2014. The project is delivering 7 week long trails in 2014, including at four new estates – Glen Tanar, MacRobert Trust (Tarland) and Glenkindie in Aberdeenshire, and Douglas & Angus in South Lanarkshire.

Sustainability and building partnership are vital to the future of the project. Aberdeenshire Schools Head Teachers Association has already asked for Imbewu trails to be delivered as part of the 2015 curriculum, to help with changes to the national curriculum. Land Business article David
Imbewu Scotland is working with Scottish Land and estates on a rural skills inititiave on Royal Deeside, and with the Princes Trust Scotland XL Club Programme, which will rpvide participatns for this year’s trails. Imbewu Scotland is a partnership between the Wilderness Foundation and Scottish Land & Estates.
In the same publication there was an interesting article from the CEO of Scottish Land & Estates, Mr Douglas McAdam on ‘ Missed Opportunity to build a new era of partnership’.
Land Business article CEO