If you value wild places and want to see them preserved for future generations to enjoy, you might want to consider leaving a legacy to the Wilderness Foundation UK. There are several ways in which you can make a lasting difference through remembering us in your Will and some of the options are outlined below.

Additionally, any legacy you give to charity in your will is free from Inheritance Tax.

Types of Legacy

  • Pecuniary Legacy – a gift of a sum of money to the Foundation
  • Specific Legacy – a gift of a particular item of your property for example your house, car or an item of value.
  • Residuary Legacy – a gift of everything left of your estate after all debts, expenses and specific and pecuniary legacies have been paid.
  • Reversionary Legacy – a gift of money or property to one person for their use during their life time. After this period the item “reverts” to another organisation or person that you have named in your will.

Whichever type of legacy your choose, you should make your solicitor aware of your decision and they can advise you how best to proceed. It would be beneficially to the Foundation to know in advance of any legacy that we are to receive, so that we can plan, with your and/or your loved ones, how best to use your kind gift. There may be a particular programme which you wish to support and – for example – we could offer a scholarship place in your name.

However and whatever you choose to do to help us, please know that we greatly value your support for our work and philosophy.

For further information telephone Angely on 0300 1233073 or email angely@wildernessfoundation.org.uk.