Dear Friends,
We are getting glimmers of sun every now and again in the midst of snow, frost and really cold weather.
Seasons are so important in terms of making sense of the world – as they ebb and flow – with regularity and purpose. They can be quite reassuring and can serve as an antidote to endless news, politics, and human-made turmoil.  They can also offer time to read and quiet spaces.
Winter always reminds me of the relevance of hunkering down and plants resting whilst there is a shortness of light and food, and then, with spring, starting the great journey to new beginnings and fresh buds. There is so much to learn from nature and her cycles, but often we don’t take the time to listen to the Earth beat that goes on, nor expose ourselves to feel frost and ice, nor take time to rest. We have kept all our programmes running through the cold months, even on the 4th January with a youth group on a very chilly Saturday. They and we still loved it all – we just had to adapt more and dress better.
We had a very busy year last year and this one is proving to be no different. The CBBC documentary has generated new interest in the Foundation and the power of the wild to heal. We hope to offer more programmes to support individuals and groups and continue to develop their self care, alongside care for nature and the environment.
Times are also changing here on the staffing front. Our wonderful Richard Corby who has worked by our sides for 11 years is moving to a new and exciting role with the Council for Voluntary Service, where he can help make a new difference utilising his excellent tech/IT skills. While we hate to lose his friendship and input to the Foundation and our close team, we are also celebrating with him this Spring as he moves towards something new. We wish him well and will not lose touch as he has offered to continue to help and support us all where he can.
We are focusing over the next few months on wilderness trails, project growth and strengthening and fundraising with a new growth plan and fundraising strategy for longer term sustainability. We have benefited from a generous donation of sponsorship for help with the fundraising strategy and are already implementing new ideas and actions. We are however always in need of donor support and welcome any ideas from friends, or can support anyone wishing to put on an event to support the Foundation.
I leave you with a lovely quote: “What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley in Search of America.
Kindest regards,