We’re working with Tesco and Groundwork to enable us to add a new outdoor kitchen to our wilderness academy

Do you shop at Tesco Braintree, Marks Farm or Great Notley?  If so, we need your support!

We want to build a new outdoor kitchen at our site in Chatham Green, Essex.  People will spend time outdoors learning food preparation, camp craft and enjoying time in nature.  Thanks to support from Tesco and Groundwork through the “Bags of Help” scheme, this could now be possible.

The Wilderness Foundation UK has been chosen by Tesco and Groundworks to be one of three charity and community groups featured in Tesco superstores in Braintree town centre, Braintree Marks Farm and Great Notley for 7 weeks during May and June 2017.    If you shop at one of these stores, you will be given a blue voting token to put in the box of the project you want to support – and we want you to choose us!

Children and Families can learn more about where their food comes from, and enjoy spending time in nature at our farm-based Outdoor Kitchen.  Get involved!

The project with the most votes will receive up to £4,000 in funding to carry out their scheme over the next year.

Please encourage your friends and family to vote for the Wilderness Foundation when they shop too.


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Why vote for us?

Experiencing the outdoors can be a powerful stimulus for learning.   Time spent in nature can set us off on a path that changes the way we think about ourselves, our relationships and the way we live our lives.  Our “Wilderness Academy” uses outdoor activities and nature experience to increase people’s confidence and self-esteem and give them a chance to improve their life shills, mental health and wellbeing.

We want to enhance our outdoor learning space by adding a purpose-built outdoor kitchen to the Wilderness Academy area.  The outdoor kitchen, consisting of a permanent food preparation area made from wooden benches with a cob oven for cooking and a wash basin and storage area, would enable us to deliver a range of food-related activities with people, taking them on a journey from the crops in the field through to the food on their plate.  In addition to practical food preparation skills, participants benefit from reduced isolation, greater access to the outdoors, improved communication skills and enhanced life skills.

Our new facilities would be used with vulnerable and disadvantaged people who struggle in a traditional education environment, and who need the opportunity to learn in a different way, as well as mental health and wellbeing groups, visiting school children and community groups.

Please vote for us at Tesco Braintree, Marks Farm and Great Notley during May and June 2017.

Further information on Bags of Help

For more information on Tesco “Bags of Help” please visit their website.   Our thanks to Tesco and Groundwork for choosing our project to go forward for support.