We are pleased to announce dates for our open Wilderness Therapy trails in 2017

Alongside our structured therapeutic interventions for youth-at-risk and vulnerable adults (TurnAround, Out There Wilderness Academy etc.), the Wilderness Foundation also hosts a number of wilderness journeys for individuals, who come together to form either an adult or youth group that ventures into the wild with our guides to enjoy a therapeutic journey of their own.

We believe Wilderness Therapy to be a positive experience where the resulting process fosters new personal awareness that leads to positive choices for change.

During these programmes our clients are invited to leave their familiar environments and they are offered a range of meaningful experiences in the outdoors where they are given every opportunity to succeed. We do not believe in creating unnecessary hardships in the wilderness and we work with nature – not against it. Our research on our recent Wilderness Therapy programmes has demonstrated that people can change naturally when they are removed from the environments that are filled with negative events and influences that may trigger self-defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
For 2017 we are offering separate opportunities for Adults and Youth:

Adult Therapy Trails

Loch Awe, Scotland – Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th May 2017
North Wales Trail – Monday 11th to Saturday 16th September 2017

Open Youth Wilderness Therapy Trails

Venue – Glen Livet, Scotland
Saturday 22nd to Thursday 27th April 2017
Monday 7th – Saturday 12th August 2017
Monday 16th to Saturday 21st October 2017
We see the natural environment and landscape as an integral ingredient in the therapeutic relationship. We value nature’s capacity to reflect life’s processes – growth, healthily adapting to change, becoming stronger, and fulfilling potential. Very often the challenges that nature presents to the group or the individual form the keys to learning about accepting what one cannot change, and what one can – learning to become adaptable and flexible to life’s circumstances. It is a dynamic and constantly creative process.

Next Steps

To register your interest in these upcoming programmes and receive details of content and pricing (without obligation), please email info@wildernessfoundation.org.uk
Demand is normally high and places are limited, so please enquire early to avoid disappointment.