The TurnAround Project is supported by the Dulverton Trust and Sir John Kemp-Welch which provides the project with funding in the memory of Lady Diana Kemp-Welch who was a much loved patron of the Wilderness Foundation.  Within the project participants are eligible to apply for £200 to fund training, education or items that would benefit their wellbeing.  Graduates of the project are then able to bid for a scholarship of £2,000 to help with further education or training costs.
On 22nd November 2016 representatives from our TurnAround Essex group travelled to London to meet Sir John Kemp-Welch at the Dulverton Trust.  From the group we had a new member Ellie, Harry who is due to graduate and Stef who is a volunteer and past participant.  The purpose of the meeting was for us to discuss with Sir John Kemp-Welch and the staff at the Dulverton Trust the wider TurnAround Project but also to update with how the Lady Diana Kemp-Welch scholarship has been awarded and to meet some of the beneficiaries.
Harry commented “I really enjoyed meeting Sir John and learning more about him and the Dulverton Trust.  I think that it is a really great thing that he has set up the funding in his wife’s memory and I think of all the young people this can make a difference to which is really special”.
Stef, was one of the main scholarship winners from this year and has received funding to help her with driving lessons, as Stef is training to become a social worker this will be vital to her future.  Rosie, TurnAround Project Co-ordinator, commented “the day was a very special and it was a great honour to meet Sir John Kemp-Welch and hear from him first-hand about why he supports our project.  The young people represented the project really well and it was a great experience for them to personally meet one of the project funders”.