Statistics show that 2017 will challenge Nature as development and population both continue to expand…and many peoples’ connections to Nature diminish through increasingly busy lives and urban living

Please will you help us to help both Nature and People through this appeal?

We urgently need to raise £50,000 to continue our life changing work

With your support, we work with more than 4,000 people across the UK each year.  This includes young, urban youth who are vulnerable and come from extreme disadvantage.  Our work with them in nature changes their lives. Many more still need our help.
By helping them, we help Nature too.   We do this by training people in environmental ethics, understanding sustainability for themselves and the planet we live on.  We help them to grow a sense of belonging to the earth and other people, that engages respect for both.
We need people who care – like you – to help us to improve their lives by growing their connections with nature.
We nurture our participants, enabling them to recognise their own potential, to work through their past challenges and to look to positive futures.  We work outside – surrounded by nature – every possible moment.  We support our participants for as long as it takes.
At the Wilderness Foundation we offer equality, dignity, love, straight-talking, safety and respect for nature.  Our work is focused on three areas – Improving Lives for at-risk youth, Conservation Education and Wilderness Leadership Training.   We seek evidence that shows the social benefits of a connection to nature, and balance nature with people to create a viable and sustainable future for a growing population.
Making a real difference
We know our programmes work, because we monitor and evaluate the changes we achieve both now and in the future.  The University of Essex externally verify our findings.  Their independent research has reinforced our belief in the power of nature to change lives.  85% of our young people move into further education or employment at the end of their time with us. This is a fantastic outcome for society, but more importantly, for those young people – who now have the very real prospect of a brighter, happier, safer future.
Brooke was 17 when we met her.  She was in long-term care after running away to avoid family breakdowns.  She had poor social skills, low self-esteem, and a record of knife crime.  Brooke was seething with anger but eager to change.
Working with us gave Brooke that opportunity.  She loved her wilderness experiences and time outdoors.  However, we noticed that she had difficulty relating to her peers and instead sought company with adults.  We focused on showing her strategies for communicating and for managing her complex emotional needs.
Back home, Brooke blossomed through the reliable support of weekly mentoring.   She discovered that relationships can be consistent and non-judgmental.   Her sense of self-worth and ability to manage her feelings improved.
Brooke moved from supported housing to independent housing, volunteered for other outdoor programmes and eventually found a part-time job that has since become permanent.  We are thrilled that Brooke stays in regular touch with us and that she is managing to live as an independent young adult without support services.
There are many other young people like Brooke who also need our help, and many wild spaces that need protection from being destroyed.
We really need your support to keep our work alive.  Please would you consider donating either as a one-off or a regular gift?   You will be a catalyst for change.  Every penny really does count.
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We are a small charity with a wide reach.   We are immensely proud of the transformational role we play in young peoples’ lives and in developing love for, and connection to Nature.  Please consider being part of this mission by donating today.
Thank you.

Jo Roberts

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Thank you for helping us to help both Nature and People this year