Wilderness Foundation Global (WFG) has been announced as the first recipient of the new online fundraising platform launched today, World 5050

World 5050 will be holding a draw over the next 3 weeks in which 50% of the jackpot goes to the winner and the other 50% to WFG.
Wilderness Foundation Global is a not-for-profit, international conservation organisation with conservation experience and expertise that began in Africa over 60 years ago. The Wilderness Foundation UK is a proud founding member of Wilderness Foundation Global.
Funds generated from the World 5050 raffle will contribute to our work, such as the Forever Wild rhino protection programme. Every 8 hours a rhino is killed in South Africa for its horn. We urgently need resources to counter the constant threat of poaching.

On the ground anti-poaching actions

Through the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative, Wilderness Foundation Global supports anti-poaching actions on the ground in private and state protected areas. This is achieved through:

  • Deployment of vehicles for anti-poaching purposes to rhino hotspots around the country.
  • Equipment: including surveillance equipment, off road motorbikes, sleeping bags, tents, satellite phones, etc.
  • Funds are spent on informers and equipment to police departments and security agencies assisting in the arrest of suspects and preventing possible poaching incidents.
  • Supporting anti-poaching dog units in rhino hotspot in South Africa.
  • A research project in Kruger National Park on protocols and procedures for treating rhino survivors.
  • Rhino DNA Tissue Collection as part of the national RhODIS program.
  • Air Support: micro light aircraft, helicopter time and a Bat Hawk aircraft deployed to rhino hotspots in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.
  • Rescuing and treatment of rhino shot by poachers but still alive

For more information, go to http://www.world-5050.com