Landlines 2019

The Wilderness Art Collective and the Wilderness Foundation UK are pleased to announce their charitable collaboration, jointly presenting an art exhibition and speaker event hosted at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). The event will raise awareness of our precious natural landscapes, and share inspiring stories of how wilderness can transform lives.

Artist Images

LANDLINES is an art exhibition curated by, and showcasing artists from, The Wilderness Art Collective, supporting The Wilderness Foundation UK. The Wilderness Art Collective is a non-profit group of creatives, artists, explorers and environmentalists whose work discusses the natural world.

Wilderness Art Collective
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Hosted at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), LANDLINES is the inaugural show of The Wilderness Art Collective and will showcase the talents of 15 collective artists. The exhibition is in aid of the charity ‘Wilderness Foundation UK’.

The Wilderness Art Collective was set up in January 2019 and is a non-profit group of creatives, artists, explorers and environmentalists whose work discusses the natural world. The Collective’s goals are to highlight the plight of the world’s wildernesses and wildlife; to act as a space for discussion about our interaction with the environment; to encourage re-engagement with the natural landscape; and to promote preservation and care through art and other creative endeavours. You can read more about the collective on their website:

Collective artists are multi-disciplined, and this will be reflected in the exhibition, with an exciting mix of practices for visitors to see with painting, textiles, film and installations. Artwork will share artist’s thoughts on our precious natural landscape, our impact on the planet, our interaction and view of the natural environment, and stories of the positive benefits of the wilderness on our well-being.

A percentage of all artwork sales on the Private View will go towards the Wilderness Foundation UK and donated artworks will be auctioned at ‘Voices for the Wild’.

Talks and workshop will run throughout the duration of the exhibition, which will be announced in August.

Artist Exhibiting:

Eva Ullrich
Hannah Scott
Louise Ann Wilson
Lucy Devenish
Nickolai Globe
Stephen Bennett
Sam Gare
Sam Peacock
Catalina Christensen
Luke M Walker
Sam Mould
Polly Bennet
Geraldine van Heemstra
Peter Geraerts
Brian Thompson