The Chatham Green Project welcomed a class of 26 pupils and 4 teachers to the farm on Thursday for a fun and fact filled journey from Field to Fork!

Farm Education Officer Jenna Cains was joined by Farm Manager Andrew Cook to take the visiting children from East London on a tour of the farm, starting with the wheat growing in the fields and ending at our purpose-built education centre where they used wheat flour to make and cook their own flat breads for lunch.

Farm Manager Andrew with primary school children putting the stages of the wheat cycle in the right order

Farm Manager Andrew Cook and children from Canon Barnett Primary School explore the life cycle of wheat

During the afternoon session, Jenna led the children to the farm woodland which houses our wildlife pond, and everyone was able to take a turn at pond dipping, discovering a diverse range of aquatic life.  Working in small groups, they collected samples from the pond and then worked to identify the many invertebrates, alongside the occasional sighting of a tadpole or two!
The afternoon was rounded out with a fun construction activity, with pupils challenged to build their own shelter from a provided groundsheet and materials found around the woodland.   A great time was had by all and there were some very inventive designs on display!
The visit to the Chatham Green Project was coordinated by charity The Country Trust, who raised the funds needed to pay for the transport to bring the children from the east end of London to the rural Essex countryside.    Thanks to Sharon for making the visit possible.
For more information on school visits to our Farm Education and Nature Discovery Centre at Chatham Green, please visit the dedicated Chatham Green Project website: