Why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative!

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams it out now from W W Norton Publishing.  Here, WF-UK CEO Jo Roberts shares her views on this new title.

There is a bubbling up of key information in a range of academic reports and popular press on why nature works to support human wellbeing. However, no other book that I am aware of, does such an excellent job of bringing this all together in one place. The Nature Fix is a book that is also written in a style that a non academic reader can glean insight and knowledge in an accessible, easy manner that makes sense.
For those of us in the nature-wellbeing field the book helps to embed our intrinsic knowledge with science. The facts around what happens to our brains, hearts and feelings and physical and emotional health supports inexorably this growing connection of why nature is good for us. It is about time that this is backed by science for those sceptics who may see nature walks, solitude and smelling the roses(or cedars in this case)  as just mere tree hugging.
By following scientists around the world, we see that this is not just suitable as a health and happiness solution for the privileged few, but meets the needs of most humans, in any culture. The book moves from the US, to Japan, Finland and Scotland to name geographic locations. It looks at forest, urban buffers, parks and wild spaces. It offers a natural all-sorts combination of interventions and activities.
We need to showcase this work for our own human benefit, but even more so, inter alia to support why the protection of wild spaces, green patches of woodland, and meadows and riparian growth, amongst other places, require protection like the Crown Jewels. We need to grow ourselves and the next generation to have the understanding that we are intimately dependent on a healthy environment.
We also need to make use of Florence Williams to help support the fact that building vast cities over last green spaces is like putting a nail in a tyre and developing a slow leak that eventually runs out of air. The big cities may bring jobs and houses but they equally have both slow and fast consequences on our mental and physical health. They need to be developed with balance and care to protect larger wild spaces in and around them with access to all.
Now is the time that schools have no money for outdoor excursions, outdoor centres lose funding and children may never experience running through long grass. This book addresses why this is fundamentally dangerous and wrong for our human wellbeing.
Without health and wellbeing we will be costing governments millions in remedial health care, and people who don’t experience wild nature and green spaces do not have the heart to protect them, so we go in ever decreasing circles of sense.
Williams concludes that we only need 5 hours a month of green exercise, green space to reap the benefits. Surely 75 minutes less a week watching TV is a small sacrifice to pay to stay sane.

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